January 25, 2010

Types of Bettas

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(The amazing Double tail Betta)

Bettas (pronounce bet-uh) are the most incredible little creatures you have ever owned. Their smart and amazing fish that come in many sizes and colors. Bettas are more interactive than other species. They can be trained to do certain behaviors, play games, interact with toys etc. Believe it or not this little fish comes with lots of personality (some are more grumpy than others, while there are those who seem excited by our presence alone). Bettas are known as Labyrinth Breathers (they breathe air). To many people, Bettas also known as the “Siamese fighting fish” are supposedly known as a low maintenance fish, but just like every fish they need proper care. .

Tail types and Variations: There are many types of bettas. The most common ones are Veiltails. Now I cant tell you which one to pick, but always look for one that has a nice full tail, and is Active (Though some are laying on the bottom of the bowl because their water is cold.) Male or Female? Males (with the exception of Plakats) Have long flowing fins. Females have short stubby fins. Remember Males CANNOT be Kept with other males or another female because they will kill their tank mate. Females can be kept in sororities of four girls which do well as long as you have a lot of plants and hiding places (1 cave per betta girl).

*Veil tail: These are the most common pet store type bettas. Their tails droop down like a bride’s veil.

*Crown tail :these bettas have rays which look like spikes some longer than others.

*Half moon : A half-moon’s tail fans out to a 180 degree caudal spread when flared out.

*Plakat (pronounced Pluh-cot) :These fish have short tails with equally short dorsal and anal fins

*Double tail or scissor tail: this betta has 2 distinct parts that are split all the way to the tail

*Delta or super delta: Delta tail shape ism like its name indicate more of a delta or a triangular shape if you will. It is like a fan tail but with crisp, sharp angles at the tail edges. Super deltas : The tail shape is the same, it is just the span that ranges between a wide delta and about 170 degrees or so.


Other tail types…
There are several other tail types that are mixtures of the basic ones or have their own unique traits: Comb tails, Half suns, Rose and feather tails and round tails just to name a few.

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