February 23, 2010

What is Proper Betta Housing and Tips

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(3 of my bettas in a 15 gallon divided tank a fraternity -5 gallons each before it was completely decorated)

Proper Betta Housing: Just because you see a betta in a small tank or a cup means they don’t need space- that is a myth. !! I can’t stress this enough– A Vase is NOT a proper betta habitat.

Bettas like all fish need space ! Little Betta cubes or anything like a cup or decorative tanks are NOT ideal habitats for bettas!! That is like you living in the worlds smallest bathroom with not much space to move

<- Picture yourself living here everyday for the rest of your life. Not a fun time is it?
What is Ideal Betta Housing : Always remember this, The smaller the tank the more water changes you need to make. 2.5 Gallon tanks and up are the way to go, but remember if unfiltered, you need to change the water a minimum of twice a week. Bettas do well in 5 gallon tanks and up (my bettas live in 10 & 20 gal tanks. If unfiltered, Always do a 100% water change, Once a week.
These tanks are A Betta’s Worst Nightmare!!
These are a few of those betta tank decors which are Horrible for bettas to live in. Plus bettas are known to Jump, so open tank tops are a Bad thing!! Would you put a large dog in a small dog carrier? No? then why put a betta in a small tank?


An Example of a Proper bett home: 10 gallon Betta Setup: (divided at the time since i had one male and a few females)
my 10 gallon sorority tank/ male better dorm room..lol 5 gallons each.. lots of plants
The following list is what every betta (and betta owner) needs to thrive-
*Any 2.5 gal tank or Larger– A spacious tank makes for a happy betta
*Water Conditioner & (or)Freshwater Aquarium salt – conditioning the water is a must, and  Some people use aquarium salt, because they believe it good for bettas who have Fin-rot (fin rot will be explained in an upcoming post)
*A Heater– Bettas are tropical fish, they need warm water 78-82 degrees
*A Clear Cup : As it is much better to cup a betta than to net them because their fins can get caught or ripped.
* Filter (depends on the betta): Some people use filter, while others dont. However if you’d like to have a filter, Sponge filters are best for a betta, there is no better filter in my opinion. Make sure you have an adjustable flow control (keep it on low) because, while some bettas handle current nicely, others simply do not.
*Silk plants and/or real plants (Java moss and fern are a favorite for betta owners. Fake plants tend to rip the long fins of bettas.
* Cave or Two: Just like us humans, bettas like to have their own “private time (in my case i have a submarine some of my girls like to hide in and under the submarine)
*Your Imagination: you can create an amazing aquarium scape for your aquatic friend with little decorations, but nothing too sharp (remember their pretty fins)
Filling and Setting up: (THIS IS IMPORTANT) When you add water for the first time and do water changes and/or use Tap water, ALWAYS add a Water Conditioner because it helps take out any Nasties which are in your water, that are not good for your betta. I use either Betta Safe or Splendid Betta complete water conditioner both which are good, but there are other conditioners which are usually betta safe)
All betta tanks should have Silk or real plants- which are better for bettas because of their long flowing fins, bettas tend to get their fins caught on the plastic ones, (different types if you like) and a cave or two for hiding. Bettas also like things that float (and make sure it’s betta safe, like a ping pong ball or a large marble.) Believe it or not keeping a betta’s mind stimulated (changing the environment around, adding new and different decor, new “toys”) will keep them happy, because sometimes bettas get bored and that can lead to destructive behaviors (like tail biting).
So what do I feed my betta?
Bettas are carnivores, They eat a variety of food which keeps them healthy and happy, You can purchase, Pellets (I feed my Hikari pellets), Bloodworms (live or frozen)and Brine Shrimp (live of Frozen) at your local pet store. As for Pellets and other food, Bettas should be every fed 5-6 days– with one day for fasting. Only 2 or 4 pellets a day (you can do 2 in the morning and again at night. (so don’t overfeed cause your risking constipation and that could lead to other problems) Just keep watch, when bettas are full their stomach swells just alittle bit.
Anything else?- Yes Remember to Love your betta, watch them as they swim and care for them as they are now apart of your family. I advise you to join a Betta forum- share with others, get more advice and make some friends.
*I hope you take in all this information, as when you care care for a bettas properly, you give your betta happy start at their life with you.
my pride and joy Taku

January 25, 2010

Types of Bettas

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(The amazing Double tail Betta)

Bettas (pronounce bet-uh) are the most incredible little creatures you have ever owned. Their smart and amazing fish that come in many sizes and colors. Bettas are more interactive than other species. They can be trained to do certain behaviors, play games, interact with toys etc. Believe it or not this little fish comes with lots of personality (some are more grumpy than others, while there are those who seem excited by our presence alone). Bettas are known as Labyrinth Breathers (they breathe air). To many people, Bettas also known as the “Siamese fighting fish” are supposedly known as a low maintenance fish, but just like every fish they need proper care. .

Tail types and Variations: There are many types of bettas. The most common ones are Veiltails. Now I cant tell you which one to pick, but always look for one that has a nice full tail, and is Active (Though some are laying on the bottom of the bowl because their water is cold.) Male or Female? Males (with the exception of Plakats) Have long flowing fins. Females have short stubby fins. Remember Males CANNOT be Kept with other males or another female because they will kill their tank mate. Females can be kept in sororities of four girls which do well as long as you have a lot of plants and hiding places (1 cave per betta girl).

*Veil tail: These are the most common pet store type bettas. Their tails droop down like a bride’s veil.

*Crown tail :these bettas have rays which look like spikes some longer than others.

*Half moon : A half-moon’s tail fans out to a 180 degree caudal spread when flared out.

*Plakat (pronounced Pluh-cot) :These fish have short tails with equally short dorsal and anal fins

*Double tail or scissor tail: this betta has 2 distinct parts that are split all the way to the tail

*Delta or super delta: Delta tail shape ism like its name indicate more of a delta or a triangular shape if you will. It is like a fan tail but with crisp, sharp angles at the tail edges. Super deltas : The tail shape is the same, it is just the span that ranges between a wide delta and about 170 degrees or so.


Other tail types…
There are several other tail types that are mixtures of the basic ones or have their own unique traits: Comb tails, Half suns, Rose and feather tails and round tails just to name a few.

Welcome Betta Newbies

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Here is a guide for all Newbies to Betta fish. Bettas are wonderful and intelligent little creatures that need proper housing. there are also some tips to help you have a healthy, happy betta.